We find ourselves obviously parked far away

When I received my invitation to go to the 10 years of the Magazine ELLE, at first I did the maline to girlfriends (who had nothing to stall, the whores) and then very quickly the problem number one in my life caught me: damn what should I put? Yes because if the question remains capital every day throughout life, that night she is still most essential.

You know that carefully sorted guests will have carefully studied this point here and it goes without saying that they are all impeccable. And it’s not as if it was not written ‘ Dress code: very chic, very it "on the carton.
The week preceding I often think, obviously I have several options, I hesitate… and then the morning of the day J, I know, everything is planned: the my favorite Designer, with such accessories beautiful black strapless dress, it will be nickel. When time comes H, I’m the WAD, I spent a well rotten day, I have two missions important to do before you go, this is panic. And of course the dress, I am very sure: the black bra for backless is found, do not wear with a hat E it is just not possible, I try with a bra normal, but not it’s going to lace exceeds and then I when same 10 kilos too… This is the disaster: I will not!

No go so bad I go there anyway, not messing around. I choose one of the sets that I put to work, anyway I have more age to me measure the minettes top biches, and do I have the time. My miracle hair product bottle is empty, I knew that it would happen at the worst possible moment, this is done. Gloss button Yves Saint Laurent will succeed in giving back me a little insurance.

Go hop, two missions, one hour late, motorway towards Brussels. It is 10:40 p.m., the evening began y’ 10 minutes, leaving Cork, all goes well.

At this point we know very well where it will fall. But we know you are approaching when we begin to see full of very expensive cars parked everywhere, in every sense. Y’ has girls with high heels and short skirts that wander in, ok, it is not far away.
As a large feignasses, told that we will get closer as possible to the case where y’ would have a righteous place to. As in every time we believe.It is on the occasion of the upcoming release of the album We Love Disney belle Elodie Frégé has trod the welcome mat yesterday evening, in Paris. Indeed, the young woman has chosen to use the famous title "someday my Prince will come" from the cartoon snow white and the seven dwarfs. A new version contemporary but always as romantic, Elodie Frégé we cradles and transports us in the Disney universe with brio. To present this first excerpt from the album We Love Disney, French singer was sexier than ever. A trendy look and glamour worthy of the finest Disney princesses.

Elodie Frégé sported a seductive dress with a neckline of the necklines. A side-boob who unveiled her curves and her porcelain complexion. No jewelry for beautiful who prefers to accessorize her outfit with a minaudiere signed designers Christian Louboutin. A pair of pumps varnishes and voila the beautiful artist! Adorable, Elodie has not hesitated to entrust to us his impressions on this Disney experience. "It is a dream girl. When I was offered the project, the production had a song for me. "I already knew that it was ‘ someday my prince will come’, it was a no-brainer" explains Elodie Frégé. To discover the Disney songs reinterpreted by artists French, go on 2 December.

After top musical Awards 2013 clusters, it is time to make the Fashion Police this event where all the gratin is disturbed. Then who has subjugated the assistance? Who offered the most beautiful fashion missteps of the moment? Who is in? Who is out?

41St the AMA’s ceremony was held in Hollywood last night, November 24, 2013, and to say the least, is that it has to look good. While it freezes in France, red carpet Hollywood saw all the stars more barren than the other!

Rihanna, who had the honour of winning the first Icon Award for an artist whose work has had a profound influence on pop at the evening dresses designer global level, arrived dressed in an all Jean Paul Gaultier Couture composed of a glittering headband and a long transparent petticoat embroidered lace and sequins. Hot! Miley Cyrus is produced on stage at the Nokia Theatre L.A Live for his "Wrecking Ball" in a Bra Panties set Markus Lupfer. Earlier, she landed in the arms of his father in a white suit Versus Versace and Saint Laurent pumps. Never has seen more elegant! As at each time is wrong.

We find ourselves obviously parked far away, a place that is not really a true square, with the small Burr put there purposely for fuck you your bottom. Okay, it is no longer this closely.

While I commend my coat, because it kind 4 ° C, I am overwhelmed by a bass drum that rolls very quickly, I tell myself who is this geek?, the car turns, returns, stops at my height, drop his glass and said ‘ Shuttle? ” OH fucking carrem’s the guy he is there to give you your cash in the evening. OK, here I have an idea of the level.
When I go out of the sedan before the red carpet I the farts me as if I was in Cannes and even in my cheap set, it’s my minute star, ENJOY, y’ will surely no one else in my life.


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