For the construction of this villa

During these first visits, the Secretary General stopped to the Mikhailovskoe residence arranged on the mountain ridge between the Matsesta pass and the Agoursky waterfalls.

Guide of the best Getaways in and abbydress surrounding of Sochi

It is in this envirommement, at an altitude of 50 metres, that he decided to build his private villa, the dacha Zelenaia Roscha (the Green grove) which now serves as a Museum and mini hotel in the eponymous spa complex.


For the construction of this villa, the young Soviet architect Miron Merzhanov wanted to prevent all requirements of Stalin. It is prepared so as to be able to enjoy the fresh air coming from the sea and the mountain at the same time.

Loving the quietness, Stalin lived in a building apart. The staff was housed in the part where was the kitchen, opposite the windows of Joseph Illarionovitch, who couldn’t graillon odours or noise from the dishes.

The staircase leading to the second floor with its very low and little practical steps for ordinary people was adapted to Stalin, reduced to small not because of his rheumatism. The ramps of the balconies were has very low so not to spoil the view to the father of the peoples, which according to various sources do measured only 1.65 m.

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